Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows are retired scholars who have made a significant contribution to Wesleyan scholarship and who maintain an ongoing interest in the work of the ACWR.


ACWR Honorary fellows

Ian Breward, PhD. Senior Fellow in the School of Historical Studies, University of Melbourne, Australia.

Joseph Coleson, PhD. Professor of Old Testament, Nazarene Theological Seminary, Kansas City, USA.

Robert Gribben, AO, DD. Fellow of Queen’s College and of the School of Historical Studies at the University of Melbourne; Chair of the Advisory Committee for the Sugden Heritage Collection of Early Wesleyana and Methodistica, Melbourne, Australia.

Alan Harley, ThD. Retired Salvation Army officer and academic, Sydney, Australia.

D’Arcy Wood, PhD. Lecturer in theology (retired), Parkin-Wesley Theological College, Adelaide, Australia.

Norman Young, PhD. Fellow of Queen’s College and the Melbourne College of Divinity, Lecturer in Systematic Theology at Yarra Theological Union, Melbourne, Australia.