The Journal of Wesleyan Thought

The Journal of Wesleyan Thought (previously Aldersgate Papers) is the official scholarly journal of the ACWR. It is an open-access peer reviewed journal which publishes the research of fellows, members and other related material. The Journal is co-sponsored by Nazarene Theological College (Church of the Nazarene), Kingsley Australia (Wesleyan Methodist Church), and Eva Burrows College (Salvation Army). The Editor is Dr. Glen O’Brien.

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Current issue

  • Wesleyan Eschatological Implications for the Church’s Engagement with Other Religions (Christopher T. Bounds)

  • Prevenient Grace and Universal Atonement in the Theology of William Burt Pope (David N. Field)

  • Australian Methodist Theological Education and Theologians (Garry W. Trompf)

  • Australian Methodist Ecumenism (James Haire)

  • The Antithetical Identity of the Philippian Opponents and Paul’s shaping of Eschatological Identity (Rob A. Fringer)

  • Shaping a Salvationist Response to Suffering within a Wesleyan Context: Moving Beyond a Theological Knapsack (Kalie Webb)

  • Playing in the City Of God (Brian Edgar)

  • Darwin and Theology (Thomas A. Noble)

  • Boersma, the Atonement, and the Hospitable God (Gregory Young)

  • Book Reviews

Volume 12 will be available soon.

open access - All VOlumes of Aldersgate Papers

Free online access to all issues of Aldersgate Papers (the forerunner to The Journal of Wesleyan Thought) are now available. Individual articles and full volumes are downloadable in PDF format.

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Journal Submissions

We invite scholars in the fields covered by the Centre’s research interests to submit articles for publication in our journal, which is peer-reviewed by an international panel.

Good quality articles are also invited from graduate students who are just beginning their academic writing and whose work does not yet meet the stricter criteria of the peer reviewed section of the journal.

We are interested in receiving quality book reviews of significant new works in the fields covered by our research interests.

Please feel free to contact Dr. O’Brien for further information or to submit material for evaluation.

Editorial Team


Glen O’Brien, Eva Burrows College, Melbourne


Kimberley E. Alexander, Regent University, Virginia
Ian Breward, University of Melbourne
Floyd Cunningham, Asia Pacific Nazarene Seminary, Manila
Kent E. Brower, Nazarene Theological College, Manchester
Jonathan P. Case, Houghton College, New York
Brian Edgar, Asbury Theological Seminary, Kentucky
Robert Gribben, Queen’s College, Melbourne
Alan Harley, Tyndale College, Sydney
Randy L. Maddox, Duke University, North Carolina
David B. McEwan, Nazarene Theological College, Brisbane
Dean Smith, Nazarene Theological College, Brisbane
Geoff R. Webb, Eva Burrows College, Melbourne
Norman Young, Melbourne College of Divinity