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Volume 10

September 2012

A Survey of Varying Interpretations of John Wesley’s Political Theology (Gregory R. Coates)
Articles on Australian Methodism
Methodists and the Campaigns for Six O’Clock Hotel Closing in NSW (Samantha Frappell)
The Empire’s Titanic Struggle: Australian Methodism and the Great War (Glen O’Brien)
Looking Again at the History of South Australian Methodism (David Hillard)
Methodists in South Australian Public Life (Donald Hopgood)
Methodist Ministerial Education in the Victoria and Tasmania Conference (Norman Young)
Papers from the Fourth Annual Conference of the ACWR
‘Wesleyans and the Mission of God’: The Influence of Wesleyan Sources and Theology on the Salvation Army’s Ministry in Social Services and Public Policy in New Zealand (David Noakes and Campbell Roberts)
Responsible Research: James Barker, an Adelaide Dock Strike and the Implications for Mission from Rewriting History (Jennifer Hein)
John Wesley, Children and the Mission of God (Peter Benzie)
Youth Work and Mission (Amber Livermore)
Book Reviews

Volume 9

September 2011

Papers from the 3rd Annual Conference of the ACWR, held at the Nazarene Theological College, Brisbane, 5-6 August 2011

Apocalyptic Beauty: God’s Priority and the Ontology of the Future (Stephen John Wright)
A Free Man's World: Open Theism and the Feminist Critique of Autonomy (Janice Rees)
The Failure of Classical Theism Demonstrated in a Noteworthy Christological Puzzle (Dean Smith)
Red, Yellow, Blue and Green: Eco-justice within The Salvation Army (Matthew Seaman)
Other Papers
Wesley at Aldersgate and the Discovery of a German New Testament (Dean Drayton)
Putting It All in Perspective: A Survey of a Half Century of Doing Theology 1961–2011(Alan Harley)
To Walk with God, Again (Joseph Coleson)
Living Together as Daughters and Sons in God’s Already-But-Not-Yet World (Joseph Coleson)
Book Reviews

Volume 8


Denominational Identity in a World of Theological Indifferentism: Some Insights from John Wesley and ‘the People Called Methodists’ (David McEwan)
More Inspirational than Penetrating: The Salvation Army’s Use of History (Jennifer Hein)
The Trees in the Heart of the Garden (Joseph Coleson)
A Man, a Woman, an Adam (Joseph Coleson)
Sin and its Relationship to ‘True Godliness’ in John Calvin’s Institutes (Adam Couchman)
Book Reviews

Volume 7


Charles Wesley, the Men of Old Calabar, and the Abolition of Slavery (Joanna Cruickshank)
Charles Wesley on Work and Divine Ubiquity (John Mark Capper)
From Practical Divinity to Public Theology (Brian Edgar)
Beyond the Violent God? A Primer on Girard (Jonathan P. Case)
Jesus, the Incarnation, and Holy Living (Alan Harley)
Always Changing, Always the Same: Gregory of Nyssa on Holiness (Adam Couchman)
Methodist Religion Among the Soldiers of the American Civil War (Glen O’Brien)

Volume 6


Improvisatory Musical Practices in the Wesleyan Methodist Tradition (Graeme Pender)
Overtures of Grace:  Prevenient Grace and the Sacramentality of Music (Stephen Wright)
Augustine’s Renunciation of Classical Literature (Maurice Nestor)
The Role of the Elihu Section in the Book of Job (Moses Khor)
Self-Differentiation and the Christian Leader (Peter Dobson)

Volume 5

September 2004

Covenant Atonement as a Wesleyan Integrating Motif (R. Larry Shelton)
Conventional or Revisionary? Situating the Doctrines of Sin and the Works of Grace within Contemporary Theological Paradigms (Jonathan P. Case)
John Wesley’s Understanding of the Christian Life: A Doctrinal Analysis Of Wesley’s Thirteen Discourses On The Sermon On The Mount (Tik-Wah Wong)
Karl Barth and Ben Witherington on Romans 7:1-14 (Jenny Ong)
Art and the Church (Gary Baxter)
An Address to Art Students (Peter Breen)

Volume 4

September 2003

The Ministry of the Lay Preacher: A Wesleyan Heritage (Barry Brown)
Digitalised Spirituality? (Jon Case)
'Just Another 'Queer Sect' from Over the Pacific': Anti-Americanism and the Wesleyan-Holiness Churches in Australia (Glen O'Brien)
The 'Problem' of the Holy Spirit in Trinitarian Theology (David Sullivan)
Review of Michael Parsons, Luther ad Calvin on Old Testament Narratives (Jon Case, Glen O'Brien and Judy Rigby)

Volume 3

September 2002

The Influence of Mysticism on the Spiritual Development of John Wesley (Peter Dobson)
The Effects of the Arian Controversy on the Liturgy of the Post-Nicene Church (Glen O'Brien)
Passion and the Nature of God: Theology and a Biblical Text (Michael Parsons)
God's Role in the World: The Informing But Disturbing Depiction of Job (Carl Schultz)

Volume 2

September 2001

Methodists in Military Garb (Alan R. Harley)
A Trinitarian Revisioning of the Wesleyan Doctrine of Christian Perfection (Glen O'Brien)
Asia-Pacific Regional Education Conference (David McEwan)
The Death of Jesus and the Truth of the Triune God in Wolfhart Pannenberg and Eberhard Jüngel (Jonathan P. Case)

Volume 1

September 2000

The Divine Apatheia and the Problem of Evil (Glen O'Brien)
Grace in the Wesley Hymnology (Andrew McKinney)
Toward a New Testament Model for Church Leadership in the Twenty-first Century and its Implications for Training (David R. Wilson)
When Two are Three: A Review of Jung Young Lee's The Trinity in Asian Perspective (Jonathan P. Case.)